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FAQs 🤗

What is Awesimo? 🤔
Awesimo creates digital assets to commemorate past and upcoming events, both in-person and virtual. We work with artists, teams, and more to make awesimos available to event attendees and viewers.
What are awesimos? 🤩
Awesimos are digital collectibles that can be set up as 1:1 digital twins for tickets. Each individual awesimo is completely unique, and ownership is tied to a single user.
Are my digital collectibles minted to the blockchain? 🍬
If your claimed awesimo has the option to “Transfer”, it has been minted on Polygon, a layer-2 solution running alongside the Ethereum blockchain. If that option doesn’t show up yet, don’t worry, it will be minted soon!
Can I transfer my digital collectibles to my own crypto wallet? 👾
Yes! Once your collectible has been minted, you can connect your crypto wallet to your Awesimo account and transfer custody.
How do I connect a crypto wallet to my Awesimo account? 🤝

You can connect a crypto wallet by selecting the “Transfer” button when viewing a minted collectible, or by selecting “Wallets” in the “Edit Profile” modal.

Select the wallet provider for your desired crypto wallet, and you’ll be able to complete connection!

Can I connect multiple crypto wallets to my account? ❓
Not yet! You can only connect one wallet to your account at a time. Once you take self custody, you may transfer the awesimo to any other wallet.
How can I resell my digital collectibles? 🤑
You can resell your collectible on secondary resale marketplaces, such as OpenSea, by connecting a crypto wallet to your account, and then transferring a collectible to your connected wallet. It will then be ready for resale on those external marketplaces.
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