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Welcome to Awesimo 🚀

We create digital collectibles celebrating the live event experience 🎟️

To get your collection started, everyone who joins gets a free, Welcome to Awesimo collectible to play around with. Sign up now and join the fun! 👾

Stacked digital tickets

Start your collection 🤩

Remember the memories & joy that ticket stubs from your favorite concerts, movies, and games used to give you? Awesimo celebrates that emotional experience by creating 1:1 digital twins of live event tickets 🥳

But Awesimo isn’t just digital commemorative tickets 🎟 We celebrate all types of collectibles, but especially those connected to the live event experience!

Browse available Collections and start collecting new (and old) memories today 🤩

Browse Awesimo

web3 ticketing 👾 🎟

Awesimo leverages our parent company, Project Admission’s existing ticketing relationships 🎟 live event & entertainment clients 🤩 and tech solutions 👩‍💻 to create 1:1 digital twins of live event tickets.

Together, Project Admission & Awesimo are helping bridge the existing ticketing & live event markets to web3, and unlocking the post event economy 🚀

More than just tickets
The Terror movie awesimoRain tour awesimo

Live event collectibles of all shapes & sizes 🏆

While digital commemorative tickets are our bread & butter 🍞 🧈 Awesimo features a variety of collectibles that go beyond ticketing, celebrating the entire live event experience 🥳

From tour posters 🎙 to heart stopping movie scenes 🍿 to the latest release of your favorite comic book 🦸‍♀️ you can find all types of awesimos, for all kinds of entertainment!

Interactive assets
Swipe interaction with the Beta awesimo

Interactive, spinnable… awesimos are fun 🤪

Digital tickets and collectibles don’t have to be flat & boring… They should be fun & engaging! 🕹

Our 3D, interactive collectibles are made so you can tap & spin them around on your phone 📱 creating an inspiring & emotionally engaging experience. Just like the memories they represent ✨

Limited and rare

Limited quantities, and rare properties 💎

All awesimo belong to a Collection, which is generally a set with a capped quantity. This makes some awesimos more difficult to get than others 🤯

Every awesimo has completely unique properties, and digital scarcity is created by minting them as NFTs 🚀

Still don’t get it?
“Early Bird” awesimo“Welcome to Awesimo” awesimo

Still don’t get it? It’s okay. We’re here to help 🥰

Blockchain, crypto, NFTs, web3… the Metaverse? 🤔 It can all be a bit confusing. And that’s okay! You don’t need to understand, or even care about any of that with Awesimo 🤓 We’ve made it super simple to collect & trade awesome looking digital tickets & collectibles.

Remember the joy & memories that ticket stubs from your favorite concerts, movies, and games gave you? Awesimo celebrates that emotional experience by creating 1:1 digital twins of actual live event tickets 🎟 Our digital commemorative tickets are like digital ticket stubs you can collect, trade, and show off (making all your friends jealous).

Beyond tickets, we’ve also worked directly with your favorite athletes ⚽️ musicians 🎸 actors 🎬 and all types of creatives 🎨 to create & curate collectibles that celebrate the live event experience (and beyond).

So why Awesimo? 🧐 Some collect awesimos just because they want cool looking, digital memories they can spin & play with on their phone.

But the potential is so much more… because of their limited quantities & rare properties. 💎 Some may even gain new utility, such as unlocking exclusive, early access for future ticket sales, and more!

For now, though, we recommend collecting something awesome simply because you like it 💜

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